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Sarah Lucas

Sarah Lucas is a licensed professional clinical counselor (LPCC) in Cincinnati, Ohio. After completing her hours for clinical licensure at a non-profit community mental health agency in Cincinnati, she was delighted to gain acceptance to PASEO in order to build her competence to eventually be able to work in community settings with Latino clients. She also aspires to continue toward this goal by returning to complete her bachelor's in Spanish at the University of Cincinnati. In her free time, she enjoys anything active, cheering on FCs Barcelona & Cincinnati, and comedy in all forms. 

Scott Barrera

Scott Barrera is a master's student in Counseling Psychology at Ball State University. His primary research interests focus on identity development among the Latinx population with the United States. His long-term career goal is to provide mental health services in Spanish to Latinx population. PASEO provided him with the opportunity to improve his clinical skills in Spanish while also receiving direct service hours. He is grateful to have had the opportunity to learn about Peruvian culture while exploring his own Latino identity. 



Triny A Rios

Triny A Rios is a recent graduate from Loyola Marymount University, California with her MA in Counseling with an emphasis in mental health. Born and raised in Coachella Valley, she has a strong connection with immigrant communities, is very proud of her Mexican heritage, and strongly identifies as Chicana. She is passionate and dedicated to working with Latinx communities especially immigrant mujeres and will start accumulating hours towards her Practicing Clinical Counselor License (LPCC) in a bilingual community setting. She is very appreciative to PASEO for the opportunity to learn from a passionate group of mental health professionals on an international level.