Psychology and Spanish Elective Opportunity (PASEO, LLC) is an immersion-based language training program designed to build Spanish skills for use in mental health settings. PASEO is designed for students and professionals in psychology, psychiatry, clinical social work, and related fields. The program combines formal language instruction, service learning, seminars and conversation partners to help generalize and reinforce skills. The program was founded, and is run, by licensed clinical psychologist Dr. Brie Kohrt.


12% of the United States population speaks Spanish, making it the 5th largest Spanish-speaking country in the world. This demographic struggles to attain quality mental health services because of a lack of professionals who speak Spanish. Native Spanish speakers who are assessed in English are often misdiagnosed, overmedicated, or pathologized. Many bilingual children are incorrectly placed in special education or not given access to accommodations needed for learning disabilities because of a lack of professionals who can do psychoeducational and neuropsychological testing in Spanish.

PASEO confronts inequalities in mental health services through quality training of students and professionals in psychological Spanish. PASEO also bolsters the mental health workforce in Peru by providing a consistent stream of students to marginalized communities with high rates of depression, trauma and domestic violence, while working with Peruvian professionals to ensure culturally competent care.

PASEO, LLC is committed to uniting individuals who are passionate about global mental health, increasing access to mental health services to Latinx youth and families both domestically and abroad, and filling a much needed training gap encountered by individuals who speak some Spanish, but do not yet feel confident to deliver services in Spanish. 

Click below to download the PASEO brochure and learn more about the three tenants of PASEO; field-specific language instruction, service learning, and community collaboration.